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Love Agent: Best of Love Shared

I didn’t realize when we first envisioned the Love Agent movement that we were  actually creating an ongoing mechanism for relational breakthroughs until recently when it has became clear how challenging it is for our hundreds of love agents to go from being registered to engaged.   I naively thought that our little love missions would become a simple self fulfilling prophecy as people experienced how enhancing their intimate connections makes their lives more satisfying and whole.  I underestimated how becoming more loving in our lives actually represents a break through in our thinking.  And that It isn’t just our busyness that keeps people from engaging as love agents, but rather our initial resistance to changing our thinking and our lack of practice in sustaining it.

But the interesting thing is that when Love Agents get started they often can’t stop.  Many of our love agents perform multiple missions at a time because as they experience the break through in their relationship, each mission gets easier and more accessible.   One of our newest love agents started with her version of Kiss and Tell:

“Being recently married, we decided to be fully open with each other before embarking on this new chapter of our lives. It has been hard being vulnerable, but it’s important to do if you are engaging in a serious relationship with someone.
I expressed to my partner my need to feel emotional attention from him, and my fear of abandonment. It opened up a door for discussion, and allowed him to understand some behaviors that resulted from those fears. And… now we are married! So I guess it helped!

If you are not able to be fully transparent with your partner emotionally, how can you be fully open sexually?”

This small recognition of what it means to be vulnerable was all it took for her love agent engagement to take off.  What breakthrough is waiting for you?