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Love Oils and Scent

Expanding the language of your nose and thinking through your sense of smell is mind expanding, first and foremost because concentrating on the scents around you brings you fully into the moment you are in. Because smell, more than any of our other senses, is processed alongside our emotional center with our arousal mechanism a close cousin.

Waking up to scent and using it strategically with intimate partners can be a game changer for romance. Scent is the often invisible yet profound sense that adds the depth and texture that makes life the rich and varied tapestry that it is.

Imagine not being able to smell or taste not just a ripe melon, but your lover. It would make the experience almost inaccessible. Practice smelling, indulge in scent and taste and bear witness to the emotional response that accompanies this. It will surprise you.

I have been promoting the use of true scent products that enhance your own natural chemistry for years, intuitively knowing that products made chemically are not just bad for your most sensitive tissue, but also cover up your own natural odor and may just interfere with our ability to find and smell our true mates.

So take this message to heart and as you breathe - inhale deeply, build your vocabulary and experience of scent especially around the people you love most. It will make you feel better.