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Lubricants With Hyaluronic Acid - Safe, Slippery And Hydrating

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and has been celebrated for years in the skin care industry for its hydrating properties. It helps retain moisture by binding with the water in our skin to help our tissues remain supple, moisturized, and healthy.

Now added to Good Clean Love’s premium personal lubricants, hyaluronic acid delivers a rich, luxurious and good-slippery-fun experience while nourishing sensitive tissues with lasting moisture. Great for the face and eyes, sure, but hyaluronic acid for internal use? Understandably, some people may need some convincing.

The word “acid” sounds a little scary. Might give you the impression of an ingredient that’s corrosive, destructive or potentially harmful. Hyaluronic acid is none of those. And it’s absolutely safe for internal use.

Our skin over time loses some of its natural elasticity. It becomes thinner and dehydrates more easily. The beauty and skin care industry has brilliantly produced all forms of serums, gels, lotions, and creams. They moisturize, soften lines or wrinkles. They firm and tone and help heal dryness caused by aging, harsh weather, sun or wind exposure and so on. That’s great for our eyes, faces, arms, and legs.

We’re more interested in helping you care for the sensitive tissues of your vulva and vagina.

Those areas are prone to dryness as well. And not just due to aging. Dryness and loss of suppleness is experienced by many women, for many different reasons including menopause, menstrual cycles, medical conditions and treatments, prescription drugs, and other factors that can disrupt natural moisture production.

That disruption impacts more that just our intimate relationships. Vaginal discomfort – itch, irritation or pain – can weigh on us mentally, eroding our self-esteem and leaving us feeling less than our best.

Of course, many women who experience dryness turn to a personal lubricant to help with intimacy – an easier glide, with less friction, less irritation, and less pain. Our inclusion of hyaluronic acid in Liquid and Hybrid lubricants allows you to experience all of those plus the soothing and hydrating benefits of hyaluronic acid.

Clinical studies published by the NIH have indicated that hyaluronic acid may be effective in improving symptoms of vaginal dryness.

We believe hyaluronic acid works so well we made it a key ingredient in our gynecologist-recommended BioNourish® Ultra Moisturizing Vaginal Gel. More than a year’s worth of “life changing” reviews from both our customers and their doctors was all the inspiration we needed to create our new premium personal lubricants.

If you’ve experienced dryness after sex, maybe it’s time to try a better-for-you premium lubricant like Liquid or Hybrid with hyaluronic acid. Or, maybe for you, dryness is not a factor and you’re just looking to enhance intimacy. We can’t argue with that! Might as well enjoy sex with the added super powers of hyaluronic acid’s lasting, nourishing benefits.

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