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Personal Lubricants

Fertility-Friendly Lubricant


NEW! Liquid & Hybrid Lubricants

Now with nourishing hyaluronic acid for lasting intimacy that hydrates & soothes.

Liquid or Hybrid? You Choose.

Your choices for intimacy and pleasure are as vast as the universe. Choose Liquid for a premium, lasting intimate experience that's water-based and nourishing. Or, choose Hybrid with a touch of silicone to lubricate your adventures to less traditional places.

We made them good and clean. You add the love.

Experience the deep hydrating benefits of hyaluronic acid - trusted for skin care and now in its most intimate form as a long-lasting, premium personal lubricant.

Enjoy intimacy any way you or your partner prefer with the versatility of a hybrid formula that will stay slippery with or without the presence of natural lubrication.