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Making Sense of People with Dr. Samuel Barondes

There might be no more perplexing part of life than Making Sense of People.  Listen as author and well known Psychiatrist, Dr. Samuel Barondesexplores the mystery of the developing brain and the ways that our behavior is built into us.  His four step method for deciphering the complex and sometimes challenging behaviors of those that we both love and love to hate.  Gaining a deeper understanding of how your own behavior is a result of both heredity and your developing environment.  Don’t miss this conversation sure to inspire a deeper look at the relationships in your life that make you who you are.


Samuel Barondes has an A.B. and an M.D. from Columbia University, and was trained in clinical medicine and psychiatry at several Harvard teaching hospitals (Peter Bent Brigham, McLean, and Massachusetts General). He learned to do research in molecular biology at the National Institutes of Health.

Thereafter, Barondes devoted himself to applying the new sciences of molecular biology and molecular genetics to psychiatry. He has been a professor at the  University of California since 1970, first at its San Diego campus where he was a founding member of the Department of Psychiatry, and, since 1986, at its San Francisco campus, where he was, for seven years, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Director of its Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute. Currently Barondes remains at UCSF where he is Jeanne and Sanford Robertson Professor and Director of the Center for Neurobiology and Psychiatry.

Barondes is author of more than 200 original research articles. He is a member or fellow of many societies, including the Institute of Medicine and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is or has been member of many editorial boards and scientific advisory boards.  He was President of the McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience for ten years and also served as Chair of the Board of Scientific Counselors of the National Institute of Mental Health.

In addition to his research publications, Barondes has written four books for a general audience: Molecules and Mental Illness (1993); Mood Genes (1998); Better Than Prozac (2003), and his latest, Making Sense of People: Decoding the Mysteries of Personality, which was published by Pearson in August 2011.