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Meditative Self-Awareness with Sally Kempton

Prepare to be introduced to the very heart of your life with Sally Kempton, who through four decades of training and teaching thousands of students the path to deep meditative states of Awareness. Formerly a swami, her articulate and lucid explanation of the availability of wisdom and heart in our lives is a true breath of fresh air and freedom. Author of Meditation for the Love of It,  Sally is one of the most realized spiritual teachers with a gift of integrating a deep wisdom of love and ancient meditation practice. Her voice offers a clear light and gentle guidance to the place we are all searching for - our own hearts. Don’t miss this interview that will change your heart if you let it.

Sally Kempton is an internationally known teacher of meditation and spiritual wisdom, who has practiced and taught for more than 40 years in a Hindu tradition. Once a groundbreaking journalist writing for the Village Voice, Esquire, New York Magazine and The New York Times, Sally was also an early voice in the second wave feminist movement. In 1974, she left her career to study with her guru, travelling to India and around the world. She now teaches independently, writes a popular column, Wisdom, for Yoga Journal, and is the author of the recent Meditation for the Love of It, which the magazine Spirituality and Health called “the meditation book your heart wants you to read.”