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Midwest Love

Just home from the Green Festival in Chicago. A remarkable first time event with an attendance of over 30000 people. I haven’t been back in the Midwest in over 10 years and was happily reminded of the deep civility and down to earth polite manners that dominates the city. Bringing all natural love products and teaching about sustainable love relationships reminded me again of the other part of Midwestern living, the puritanical roots and embarrassment about human sexuality thrives.

Living on the west coast, I still encounter the occasional silent shock when I share my business story, this weekend I witnessed a mix of courage, curiosity and authentic need as people opened up with their own stories of the relationships they are working on, dreaming of and struggling with. One thing that becomes clearer to me all the time as I travel the world promoting sustainable love is that there is very little else that we need to learn as much as we need to gain skill and mastery on learning to love.

We can do all the work of making the environment and business and transportation more sustainable, but if we don’t start learning to love and care for each other, it will be worth nothing. Increasing the good clean love that we share in the world is not only an important and vital form of a healthy lifestyle, it is an imperative for our world.