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Nourish Your Connection: Great Dates Under $25

What was the best date of your life? How did it begin? And end? Chances are it wasn’t the most extravagant. With that memory in mind, invite your partner to join you to plan your next great date. Whether you’ve been a couple for decades or just met–there’s strength in diversifying how you spend time together. Trying new activities together nourishes your connection. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot of cash.

If you’ve been together a while, remember the feelings you had when you met and what you first loved about your partner and consider what has brought you to a point of sustained intimacy. If this is a new relationship, focus on the qualities you most desire in your partner. Writing them down on paper or reflecting on them may bring you greater clarity.

Now, ask your partner to join you for a session to plan your next date or if it’s a new relationship, prepare a list to show off your creative planning skills to your love interest.

When planning your next date emphasize new ideas, and engage as many of the senses (smell, touch, sight, sound and taste) as possible. Plan activities you have never tried together. Engaging in new activities together can strengthen your bond and it’s good for your brain too. Here are seven date ideas we think might fit your budget and serve to strengthen your connection and hopefully bring you abundant joy.

1. Plan a sunrise picnic.

Pack a blanket, a beverage, fresh fruit and your favorite protein. Find the perfect location before you depart. Bring a book and identify wildflowers on the way. Learn together! The stillness and quiet of daybreak has its own magic-make a memory!

2. Coffee and conversation.

If you want to spark conversations and learn something about your date, head to a new coffee shop in town and read the 36 questions that lead to love

3. Think local.

Search online to learn what’s happening in your community now. Is there an orchard where you can pick berries (and then make a pie) together or a bird watching course? Remember to search for something that’s new–and nourishing for both of you.

4. Read to your partner.

A true luxury in our intensely techno crazed world. Take turns.

5. Wine (or beer) tasting at home.

Purchase a few options you haven’t tried and prepare an appetizer you are eager to taste. Invite some friends (or not). Take notes on your favorites for future celebrations.

6. Walk blindfolded in nature (with your date as your guide).

Trust will be the key here and you may gain new insights about your feelings for your partner. Bonding in nature is good for your entire being.

7. Paint Together.

Create. Channel your inner child and when finished, you’ll have something to always remember this date. Perhaps one of you has artistic talent–here’s a chance to share it. Choose safe, non toxic paints. A colorful array of a dozen costs under $20. Bound to learn something new about your date here and your newfound artistry may set your imagination on fire.

    Remember the practice of gratitude–even if you just met. It fosters connection. Tell your partner at least one thing you like (or love) about them daily. The more positive interactions the more nourishing it is for your connection. Keep curious about your date or mate–this is the best fuel of all for igniting romance.