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November 2021 Partner: Women's Voices for the Earth

In honor of a healthy and safe environment,

We are proud to support Women’s Voices for the Earth this month, a nonprofit organization that amplifies women’s voices to eliminate the toxic chemicals that harm our health and communities. They fight for a thriving, toxic-free future by advocating on a number of issues such as: safe cleaning products, fragrance ingredients, toxic chemicals and the climate, period health and menstrual equity, and safe nail and hair salons. 

Not only will we provide a financial contribution to help further the Women’s Voices’ efforts, but you can look for more content this month about the role of chemicals in our environment, including those in everyday products. Plus, we’ll share ways to get involved and support their work. We encourage you to learn more and consider making a donation.

About Women's Voices for the Earth

Women's Voices imagines a world where the earth is taken care of, workers are paid well and treated fairly, and there are no toxic chemicals in our homes, our communities, or our environment. In this world, every point in the cycle of production and consumption – from extraction, to processing, to use, to disposal – contributes not just to a less toxic world, but to a thriving world.

Core Values

People Matter: We build and maintain relationships that collectively make us stronger. We ensure women have the support and flexibility they need to be effective leaders.

Equity & Power-Sharing: Women and other under-represented people are essential to making change and must be part of making decisions and crafting solutions.

Meaningful Change: We commit to bringing about real and measurable changes to improve women’s health through relentless investigation and action. We base our work on strong science and a precautionary approach to production and consumption.

Visionary: We challenge traditional ways of thinking and operating – centering women’s rights and power – with courage, optimism, humor, and action.