earthheartI think something is happening to me. This new attention to positivity is going in deeper than before- and I am able to feel grateful and generous at times that used to be taken over by anxiety. The other day, on my trip to see Rite Aid and Kroger, I stopped in CVS and saw a couple of my main natural competitors on the shelf.

At first, my old insecurities popped up, but then,all by itself, it was replaced with a feeling of happiness for them and for the fact that the tide is turning in the intimacy product market. Soon, safe, organic and natural brands will be the norm. Instead of being afraid of the competition, I was happy for them. I was grateful to be part of the change and newly confident that there is enough room for everyone to succeed. This is new and I am not quite sure how I came to it. I think refocusing my attention on gratitude every time I feel anxious might be part of it though.

Replacing my anxious thoughts with palpable feelings of gratitude time and again is training me to stay focused on all the ways that what I am doing is working and that it is enough. Actually yesterday in the drug store, it was more than enough. Feeling grateful regularly is like steeping in the abundance around you. Whatever you steep in multiplies. Lack pulls more lack. Gratitude generates abundance and sufficiency. It is a simple change but only works when you train yourself to feel it.

Then you wonder how you could have spent so long feeling so bad.