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Positivity Again: Believing in Sufficiency

hand2Running a product company is like trying to solve an algebraic equation that has no answer.  By definition, you never have the money you need to get bigger, because the inventory you need to buy now won’t sell until much late and the faster you grow, the more you have to buy now for later.

The biggest expense that any business has is the cost of people to help you grow. In some financial industries that don’t sell any tangible products that cost alone can be 80% of the money they generate.  This is another cost of growth that defies equations,  you often need better people than you can actually afford before you can afford them.

The other half of the equation is the magic that happens when your mission becomes crystallized and your growth and development is driven with the purest intention and clearest motivation. This is what has happened to me since I started the work on creating a love movement with an army of love agents.  Suddenly, the rhetoric of expanding the experience and awareness of love in the world has become infused with actionable items.

Focusing your doing on the essence of the why in your life creates sufficiency. You always  have enough in ways that defy typical financial equations when you are doing your real work.  It is how the laws of the universe override the laws of nature. When the seemingly impossible becomes probable.  Making the world more loving is so valuable that it generates sufficiency; because ultimately, having enough is an internal truth first that gets reflected in bank accounts second.

This is why wealth has less to do with sufficiency than you might imagine. I have witnessed people with significant bank balances make personal choices selling their integrity for pennies on the dollar. Believing you enough has everything  to do with the why. The equation works out from that side every time.