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Positivity in Action: Kickstarter Launch!!!

“If you had just one more minute to get a positive thought, that could change everything.” 

This is what I hear myself say at the end of our kickstarter video as I watch the faces of some of my favorite teenagers flash on the screen.  I am moved each and every time I see this video, which tells the story through the kids’ words of why they are spending their weekends moving concrete and gravel. Essentially, they are working to create a beautiful space, which will be available for generations to come to find their own unique positive spirit.

The news story that appeared yesterday got the deep miraculous nature of this project when it said: a group of high school kids are turning a school- wide tragedy into a positive legacy…  In the process, we are learning how real community grows and is the foundation for real friendships and a sense of connectedness to something bigger.  Working alongside people that I have sat next to for years has deepened those relationships into friendships.  We have so few opportunities to work together for the common good, but it is precisely in this work that we get what we most long for.  Being around kids and witnessing their optimism and determination has been a real teaching experience for me. Every time I find myself holding my head wondering how we are going to get over the next hurdle, they will put their arm around me and say, “Come on Wendy, be positive.”

I hope you will join me on this journey to positive change.   Share the video project with friends and donate if you can.   Support the truth that things always work out and we are never alone.