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Positivity Quest: 100 Days of Affirmations

About a month ago I got an interesting homework assignment from an energetic counselor that I work with. She asked me to make a set of 100 affirmation cards and to not only read them, but actually feel them every day. I had learned before that real change comes from what we fully experience as real. I spent days researching affirmations and then another day choosing and compiling the 100 that resonated most deeply. I glued them into an index card booklet and began the twice daily task of experiencing them each day.

The results have been truly remarkable. Not only are the affirmations becoming the default mechanism that automatically emerge for me under stress, but, as a primary filter for my reality they are shifting everything – from how I perceive to what is actually happening. I have already started to make affirmation books for everyone I love for the holidays and so it occurred to me that this might be a beautiful re-entry to restore me to my daily writing habits, which I miss so much.

Beginning tomorrow – I will share an affirmation and a story about why I chose it each day, which seems the perfect holiday practice and will ring in the New Year in true positivity. Hopefully as we go, this practice will inspire you to create an affirmation book of your own.

Years ago, when I began this Positivity Quest and all of the positivity projects I have created since,  the idea that took root and has been the foundation of it all comes back to the Buddha’s words: “ You are what you think. All that arises comes from your thoughts. With your thoughts you make the world.” Creating and living within your affirmations will shock you with the powerful magic of opening, wonder, possibility and love that is present in you – waiting to be tapped.

Don’t miss a single day,  some of my affirmations, like the first one tomorrow are universal, and even those that aren’t will spark a new thought for you to reinvent your life, or more accurately, tap into the life waiting to awaken inside of you.