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Positivity Quest: Affirmation 4- Money, People and Resources…


“Believing you have enough is the beginning of having enough.”

Every day in the in-between space of sleeping and waking, I repeat to myself, “I have enough money, resources and people to achieve my and Good Clean Love’s fullest potential.” I don’t start repeating this until I have awoken with a deep sense of gratitude about my life. I start with the easy and obvious – like feeling grateful for waking up in my bed next to my husband, with the cat purring on the end of the bed and the old dog snoring on the floor beside me. I give thanks for the people I love and for all the sweet, small comforts of having another day in this body, in this life.


When I come to this affirmation, just by repeating these words, fills me with gratitude and I feel this idea of sufficiency fill me up. We often believe that money is the answer to getting things done and to growing a business. As I opened up the idea of sufficiency to include having the right people near me and ample resources, not only is more money continuously available but it becomes clear that having people who care and support your mission is the ultimate form of wealth.

Resources come forward in a myriad of surprising and fulfilling ways-  having the internal resources to come back to a problem with a new perspective,  or the relational resources to work with the inevitable complexities of trying to make groups work cooperatively.  These internal resources are the ones that reward us as much at home as they do at work. Valuing and evolving your emotional resources is perhaps the deepest form of self sufficiency we can cultivate.

This is a powerful and life changing practice – beginning each day steeped in gratitude and then affirming the resources, people and wealth you need to become your best self.   Try it.