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Positivity Quest – Affirmation 6- Being Capable


I am capable of everything I dream of doing.

Believing in one’s own capacity is everything if you want to keep growing and learning. Facing the obstacles and challenges that come are part and parcel of the growth process is only sustainable if you truly do trust yourself and your capacity to stay in the game while you figure it out.

Good Clean Love is deep in the process of fulfilling its own potential and its success is linked to my ability to do the same.  Although there are many days that feel bigger than me, and more often than not,  I am not the leader I aspire to be. Wanting to do it and believing that I am capable gives me the courage to try again,  to take a rest and come back to it,  to look at it from another angle.


Believing you are capable is the fertile ground in which you can plant your dreams, and the more you nurture that soil of belief and the little sprouts of your desires start to leaf up , the more room there is that garden to dream. Its true about most things, that what we focus on multiplies – and in that  way, believing in your own capacity – actually makes you more capable.

Even on the days when you can’t see how it can come together- when all seems lost, having this affirmation as a daily part of your repertoire, will surprise you – by tapping a capacity to manage the difficulties that you didn’t even know you had.

There is this’ fake it until you make it’ quality of this particular affirmation which can help you turn the corner –  sometimes just saying it aloud to yourself, like the little engine that could, makes you believe you can.