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Positivity Quest: Affirmation #7- I Let Go Easily


Here is an affirmation that everyone can benefit from-

“I let go of past circumstances easily and painlessly.” This one takes practice, but the more I embrace it, the more I can easily slip into what is right in front of me and the less old stories impact my days.  I have recently made a breakthrough in this space when a friend/ teacher shared with me how these old habitual mental patterns from the past were actually magnetizing the negative energy I was working so hard to discharge.


Stuff that is over usually ended for a good reason- learning how to process our feeling sufficiently enough to let go of them is how we become free enough to cherish the present and trust the future.  The first step is trusting ourselves to feel.  So many people are so afraid of how they feel that they become literally consumed with all manner of repressing, suppressing and self medicating to become numb.

The truth is that allowing our body to experience our emotions is how they move through us. Letting go comes first and foremost by learning to feel.

But what I learned recently seems equally important-  once an emotion is well processed, we have to vigilantly and deliberately choose to turn away from the habitual patterned response. The most insidious emotional traps are our greatest slippery slopes. They are like quicksand, how easily they can consume us because they are the most familiar. Not surprisingly, we unknowingly and continuously attract situations that verify our dysfunctional truths.

This process of turning away from erroneous beliefs and patterns is also a form of turning inward to the quieter and more resonant truth about who we are that is always there, waiting for us to listen in our heart.

Start this one today- you won’t believe how powerfully it can change your life.