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Positivity Reinvents Us: Exercise Reinvents Us

rugbyThere is nothing more effective at keeping your body well over time than exercise.  Recent studies have demonstrated that exercise doesn’t only lift your mood and keep you strong but it also actually transforms you on the most primal cellular level.  Apparently our DNA is not static and the language of movement and exertion is what speaks to them most persuasively.

For me, the day never quite finds the center when I am passive.  I need to move to find balance inside of me.  I need to work sore joints for them to remember how they are supposed to slide through tissue.  In fact, the harder I work at it, the better I feel.  This is one of the most interesting inverse relationships that exist, living in a body.  The pain associated with strengthening muscles is loaded with all kinds of feel-good hormones so even when walking up the steps is a challenge, I still have a little lift to my step.

This is very different from the aches and pains that collect while sitting dormant.  Any amount of excessive body weight that is not used in motion literally drags you down. Gravity has more clout over bodies that don’t move.  And the mind easily spins out of control when the body is not leading the movement throughout the day. But most of us know these things- and still we live in a culture that accepts obesity as a way of life. The percentage of people who are obese by medical standards has been consistently rising in this country.  The latest surveys places one in three adults in this category , 2 out of 3 are overweight  and one third of children and teens are considered to be overweight with 1 in 6 being obese. In part, we know this is from the excessive amounts of fake foods that are cheap and available.  But not moving is also a big part of this dilemma.

So now you know- if you start moving it will wake up your DNA.   Re invent your life- start by exercising.