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Science Based Improvement in Women’s Health

“It was the aspiration of the work, the coming closer to real effective solutions based in scientific research that mattered to me from the beginning and still does today.” ―Wendy Strgar, CEO, Founder, Loveologist

Nineteen years ago when she began making intimacy products in her kitchen, she didn’t know how it would ignite her passion to improve women’s health through knowledge of the science of the vaginal microbiome. 

Back in 2003, Wendy simply needed safe lubricants for intimacy. Today, her mission expands to include the launch of a new company, Vaginal Biome Science (VBS)® fueled by her fierce commitment to improving women’s health. We know that the vaginal microbiome has yet to benefit from the substantial body of research that has been done on most other parts of the body and only 4% of all healthcare research and development is targeted specifically at women’s health issues. Identifying and understanding the many conditions that women may experience with their vaginal health is the first step to finding solutions for enhanced wellness.

In 2012 after the publication of an NIH funded study, (, Wendy met Dr. Richard Cone who became her teacher and friend. Wendy had many questions. Dr. Cone had spent his career doing extensive research and shared science based answers. Understanding osmolality– and that using products that have the same osmolality (290mm) as the vagina helps protect it from damage and inflammation was key to successfully advancing the Good Clean Love® mission. The concept of bio-mimicry was implemented as a way to create stability for the vaginal microbiome. This essential knowledge has unlocked a world of possibilities. 

This process of learning about what was most important to support the vaginal microbiome health became the driver as the company began introducing products for daily vaginal pain, not only the common pain women experience with intimacy. Understanding the profound impact that vaginal biome health has on so many common conditions was the essence of Good Clean Love’s Bio Match patented solutions. Recent research is demonstrating how the modulation of the vaginal biome can improve healthcare outcomes and treatment, offering women more agency over their health and wellness. 

Still today, Wendy will tell you that the best part of her work is connecting with the brilliant health care practitioners who are seeking novel ways to address many women’s health issues that have not seen new treatment modalities in decades. In 2017, she launched the nonprofit Sexual Health and Wellness Institute as a community platform where physicians, partnerships and educational resources come together for the expansion of women’s health. Wendy said, “I am proud to be bringing together some of the most passionate scientists and clinicians to better understand the important functions and optimal conditions for vaginal biome health.”

The launch of Vaginal Biome Science is the natural progression in Wendy’s quest to develop a database about the health of the vaginal biome within a variety of common painful vaginal conditions. By developing foundational data sets about the role of the biome, we will be able to better understand its influence on both vaginal and overall women’s health. Look for this seal on women’s products to ensure safe, effective products that promote vaginal microbiome stability.

From the very beginning, a science based approach has driven Wendy’s path to improved health for women: there is so much more to learn and we are honored to contribute with the launch of Vaginal Biome Science®.