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So, You Bought a Bottle of Love Oil... Now What?

If you just bought a bottle of Love Oil (or received one as a gift!), you may be asking yourself "How do I use this?" We're happy to say there are many uses –and they aren't just limited to you and a partner. 

In fact, Love Oils were the very first product created at Good Clean Love. Founder and CEO Wendy Strgar says Love Oils got her on the path of starting the company because it saved her relationship. After she ran out, she tried to find another one and just couldn’t. So, if your sex life needs a bit of a pick-me-up, or you just want to add some variety to the bedroom, Love Oils are the perfect addition!

The Aphrodisiac Allure of Scent

Our Love Oil scents are exotic and erotic combinations from across the globe. Some of the oldest recorded aphrodisiac oils that have been revered for centuries and, at times, more valuable than gold for their arousing properties. Erotic scents can wake up the limbic center of the brain where arousal is often sleeping and turn desire and arousal on its head. Even in circumstances of serious fatigue, scent has an extraordinary ability to help us remember our sexual selves.

Regardless of which scent you chose, start with these exercises on your own or with a partner. 

  1. Open up the bottle or roller ball, and apply a small amount on your wrist.
  2. Smell it. You’ll find it smells different on you than in the bottle.
  3. Now, put your wrist next to your partner’s wrist. Take turns leaning down to smell the oil again, this time a combination of the two of you. See how it changed again? That’s because your body chemistry combined with your partner’s body chemistry creates a completely unique scent. This scent cannot be replicated.
  4. Step into the bedroom and put a small amount of Love Oil on your lips. Then have your partner put some on their lips.
  5. Lean in and inhale. Let the scent make its way up to the limbic brain–this is the part of your brain that controls sensuality, memory and emotion.
  6. After a moment, give in and kiss your partner and experiment with kissing the rest of your partner’s body with the oil. See how the scent changes again? That’s because the body’s chemistry is different on different parts. 

It’s fun to mix scent into intimate time and allows for a way to slow down and enjoy your partner in a new way.

Five Unexpected Uses for Love Oils

This is the way we have designed Love Oil to work, but it’s not the only way to use it. What are some other ways it can be used?

1. As a massage oil

Okay, so there are a ton of other massage oils on the market. That doesn’t mean that your Love Oil can’t play double duty. Plus, who says no to an intimate massage before the act begins?

2. As a perfume

While we also offer organic perfumes, you can absolutely use your Love Oils as a natural perfume that doesn’t contain the fixatives of store bought products. Wearing a perfume with a scent completely unique to you is pretty cool.

3. As a bathing oil

People have been using essential oils for centuries, so who’s to say putting a few drops in your bath is wrong?! Did you know Cleopatra used to have shiploads of rose petals brought over whenever Mark Antony sailed in? A few drops of that lovely Caribbean Rose oil of ours in your bath just might have you feeling like royalty the next time you take a relaxing bath.

4. As a moisturizer

Oils can be really nice moisturizers for a whole body rub down after your relaxing oil-scented bath. As you apply the Love Oils, give yourself a massage. 

5. As aromatherapy

The benefits of aromatherapy include stress relief, mood boosting, mental focus, and calm. If you have an at-home diffusers, place a drop or two in your diffuser. Instant air freshener! Don't have a diffuser? Use these 8 wallet-friendly methods. Try our Origins oil for a totally grounding experience at home. 

Because our Love Oils are made of high-quality ingredients, they’re safe to use for pretty much anything you could think of (and they’re safe if ingested, too). The sky’s the limit! Try one today.