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The Conundrum of Humanity with David Barish

Discover the mysteries of life and relationship through the perspective of a truly renaissance scholar, David Barish, professor of psychology at University of Washington and author of over 30 books on topics including animal sociobiology to human evolutionary psychology.  This fascinating conversation travels through the evolutionary mysteries of sexuality and illuminates our fundamental  human propensity towards peace.   David has spoken and written extensively on the conundrum of humanity and enlightens us from every angle.   This is a conversation not to be missed.

David Barish,  professor of psychology at University of Washington since 1973 and author of over 30 books on a diverse range of subjects from sociobiology to evolutionary psychology.  He has also been active in researching, writing and teaching in the field of Peace Studies since the early 1980’s.   In addition he has written eight books with his wife of over 30 years on they mysteries of human sexuality including: How Women Got Their Curves and Other Just-So Stories,  and recently Strange Bedfellows: the surprising connection between sex, evolution and monogamy.  His most recent book, co-authored with his wife, Judith Eve Lipton is Payback: why we retaliate, redirect aggression and seek revenge.


What makes David’s writing so deeply insightful is how he weaves his training in biology with his inquiry of human psychology, offering a unique perspective of how biology affects behavior including gender differences, reproductive strategies and the troubling problems of violence.  Combining this with his interest in Buddhism and existentialism, David’s science is a philosophy which enlightens the core questions at the heart of life’s meaning.