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The Key to Gratitude is the Little Things

Contributed by A. R.

(November’s Key to Gratitude Contest Weekly Winner)

Before each meal my little family says ‘thank you for this day, this food and _______’. It could be an A in chemistry for my daughter. Finding the lost wrench for my husband. Its little things – like forks, dirt roads, ice. We have to actually stop and consciously think about our answers. I have a neighbor with MS, so as I’m walking across the yard, I say thank you because I can walk across the yard. Thank you to the moon. Thank you to the breeze.The weeds that make the prettiest flowers. I’ve had the big house, the trips you need passports for. And I’m far happier in my little house with my little family. Thankful for all the little things that make life amazing.

Our monthly gratitude contest is well underway and we’ve picked our second winner!  She’ll be receiving a free Love That Works giftset! You still have time to send in your entry. We would love to see it and you might even win! Until then, please read the wonderful winning entry for inspiration. And a warm shoutout to everyone who’s entered this week. Your gratitude warms our hearts!