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The Opening Door – Show 003: Dr. David Knighton

Dealing with our physical and emotional wounds is our greatest stimulus for finding health and well being. Listen as physician and author Dr. David Knighton shares his remarkable personal and professional journey into the art and science of healing. In his book The Wisdom of the Healing Wound: A New View on Why We Hurt and How We Can Cure Even the Deepest Physical and Emotional Wounds he compares the process of healing to tending a garden. Don’t miss this enlightening perspective that offers the wisdom, courage and persistence about healing wounds and then, surprisingly, how to learn from them too, whether the wound is physical, psychological, spiritual, and inevitably all three. Boost your healing capacity and potential.

Dr. David Knighton has achieved the highest standards in his several careers as a doctor, researcher and academic. While at medical school at the University of Illinois, he worked on cancer research at Harvard Medical School. His subsequent work in general surgery, trauma surgery and vascular surgery formed a foundation for his groundbreaking advances in wound care. He founded the Wound Healing Clinic at the University of Minnesota in 1987 which became a prototype for such clinics across the country. His research successes encompass many patents and hundreds of papers and articles for scholarly journals.

David Knighton M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.A., is one of the world’s leading authorities on wound healing; a visionary medical researcher who has worked with C. Everett Koop, Judah Folkman, Thomas Hunt, and other giants in the field; and a highly successful inventor and entrepreneur. His discoveries have generated over a billion dollars in revenue, and he has put most of his own share of this revenue into further research and discovery. For ten years, he ran the Wound Healing and Limb Salvage Clinic at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, which specialized in healing patients who had been declared unhealable by other doctors. David taught and did research at the U. of Minnesota from 1984 to 1998.

David has spoken to hundreds of groups—from social workers to spiritual leaders to college students to physicians—on the topic of healing. He has published hundreds of short pieces in general-interest publications, including the Chicago Tribune, Science, the Chicago Sun-Times, and Christianity Today, as well as 100+ articles in medical journals such as Lancet, Annals of Surgery, and Cell and Tissue Research. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife Florence.