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The Opening Door – Show 039: Dr. Laurie Mintz

Too tired for sex?   If you are despairing about the quality and quantity of your sex life, know that you are not alone and that you with it is possible to re-energize your sex life.  Dr. Laurie Mintz, author of the Tried Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex, opens the door to easy and reliable exercises that will wake up your libido and increase the passion in your intimate life.  Don’t miss Laurie’s Five T plan to show you how to reawaken the fire in your belly and re-energize your sexual relationship.

MintzheadLaurie Mintz, Ph.D., is a tenured Professor of the University of Florida and a psychologist with over twenty 20 years of clinical experience. Along with her full-time academic position, for the last 20 years, Dr. Mintz has maintained a part-time private practice working with adults and couples. She is the author of A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex: Reclaim Your Desire and Reignite Your Relationship, which aims to help women re-gain their interest in sex. Dr. Mintz wrote this book from both a personal and professional perspective:. A study conducted by Dr. Mintz and her colleagues presented at two national professional conventions found that women who read A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex increased their sexual desire by 60% and their sexual arousal by 42%.Her work has been quoted in numerous newspapers and magazines including Prevention, Glamour, and the Chicago Tribune. She has also been interviewed by CNN Headline News and several National Public Radio programs.  She lives with her husband of 25 years in Florida.