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The Opening Door- Show 53: Wendy Plump, Vow

There is no good side of the fence when it comes to infidelity- whether you are the betrayed or the betrayer argues author Wendy Plump.   She shares her intimate history of a broken marriage and the affairs on both sides that brought about its collapse with deep insight and compassion. How ever this hot prevalent issue of affairs has touched your life, you don’t want to miss this provocative conversation about what Vows mean and what they have to teach us.

Wendy Plump is the author of Vow: A Memoir of Marriage (And Other Affairs), published in February 2013. After the discovery of her husband’s affair and second family, and several affairs of her own earlier in the marriage, Wendy wrote Vow as a way to wrap a thoughtful narrative around the issues of infidelity, love and the challenges of long-term marriage. She has been a reporter and magazine writer for 25 years. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer and New Jersey Monthly. She reports regularly for The Times of Trenton, and lives in New Hope, Pennsylvania.