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The Opening Door- Show 61: Valerie Alexander

Learning the language of happiness is no different than learning Greek or Chinese argues Valerie Alexander, author of Happiness as a Second Language.  From identifying the colors of your own happy moods to applying the vigorous practice verbs of becoming happy, Valerie has written the text book on the practical matter of becoming happier.   Her thoughtful and entertaining approach to creating a more positive and fulfilled life is worth studying.  Don’t miss this talk that will make you think about how to speak with your heart.

Valerie AlexanderValerie Alexander is the author of acclaimed self-help book, “Happiness as a Second Language,” and the founder and head writer of the popular blog, Speak Happiness.A working screenwriter since 2001, Valerie has written for Joel Schumacher, Catherine Zeta Jones, Ice Cube, and others.  She directed the award-winning short film Making the Cut, and is the creator, producer and director of “The Wedding Matters,” “Say I Do,” and “Life Support,” three successful commercial campaigns in support of marriage equality.

Prior to becoming a writer-director and author, Valerie was a corporate securities lawyer, an investment banker and an Internet executive in the Silicon Valley.  She lectures around the country with her entertaining talks, “How Women Can Succeed in Hollywood (Despite Having Female Brains)” and “Speak Happiness! A Workshop for Learning Happiness as a Second Language.”