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The Opening Door- Show 63: Jamye Waxman

Don’t miss this real talk about your most intimate relationships.  Jamye Waxman, sex educator extraordinaire illuminates not only how to bring a little zing to your romantic relating but also how to communicate about your sexual desires and explore fantasy as rocket fuel for passion.   Demystifying orgasm, why it matters and when it shouldn’t are also on the docket.   Tune in for a booster shot of passion and fun for an evocative talk you don’t want to miss!

JamyeWaxman_StacieJoyJamye Waxman is currently the sex educator for Lovers, A Touch of Romance and Condom Revolution. She is also the CGO of, a website devoted to sexual pleasure, health and orgasms. She is currently working on her MA in Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University and her Ph.D. in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University.  In addition to being a sex writer, author, blogger, video host, producer and director, Jamye Waxman, M.Ed.,  is a well-known and sought after educator and lecturer in the field of human sexuality and relationships.  Jamye utilizes her Masters in Sex Education and her recent SFSI certification to discuss pleasure, sex education and how people relate to each other, both in love and in life.