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The Sex Bible

Looking for a Christmas gift that will give you hours of enjoyment? I can heartily recommend this big picture book by Susan Crain Bakos, The Sex Bible. (Yes, you can get them on Good Clean Love). Besides the tasteful full page photographs, the messaging throughout the book supports my belief that sex and love are meant to be the best of friends and that both are greatly enhanced by each other.

The technique tips are fun but the longer essential skills are surprisingly educational, using language that is not offensive but descriptive. The books main narrative is also peppered with lovely couple stories and quotes like this one “A kiss is sacred, A man enters a woman’s soul through kissing her.”

I especially like the Real Talk sections of the book where couples share common experiences that help the reader know that they are not alone. Our sexual lives are without question the most mysterious part of our lives, but also the place that holds incredible power of connection and transformation. It’s good to know that there is a sex bible out there to help us bring the holy power of physical love to sustain our most important relationships.