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Thinking Solar

The sun is the only passive source of energy in the universe. All the light and all the heat that exists without our effort begins there. The idea of transforming that light into usable energy is at the center of the circle in sustainable thinking. The fire and heat that exist in a love relationship is also a renewable form of energy. Thinking of our sexuality as a form of solar energy for our relationship could be a true revelation in healing our relationships.

Life is requiring us to wake up to the end game abuses of our collective energy habits. Rethinking your own little world in terms of renewable energy is a huge leap. Applying that thinking to your relationships could be revolutionary. Keep in mind that a good (average garden variety) sex life can actually add ten years to your life. People with satisfying sex lives not only live longer, but they are healthier in every aspect of wellness- mentally, emotionally and physically. Building a healthy fire in your relationship, is the solar equivalent to building a sustainable home.

Do it for the planet.