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This Week's Recommended Reads, Vol. 3

Phew! It’s time for another weekend! In case you missed it, below are the stories we thought were newsworthy and the blog posts that moved onto Making Love Sustainable this week. Now that you have some more time, sit back, relax and just read.

In the News:

Talk about a week of breaking news! From the Ashley Madison leak to the debate on the newly released “Female Viagra,” we share all of the best love, sex and relationship news on the web.

  1. Washington Post:Tinder Isn’t Just About Sex” by Brandon Weigl. Just like the title says- No, Tinder isn’t just about sex. You can make any dating app anything you want it to be, so stop stereotyping that Tinder users just want to get laid. (Posted: Aug. 15th. Originally posted Aug. 10th, 2015).
  2. Vice:Nigeria Becomes Latest African Nation to Outlaw Female Genital Mutilation” by Hilary Beaumont. Your dose of world news is now on Saturdays, starting with this piece about the latest legislation on female genital mutilation and what else needs to be done. (Posted Aug. 15th, 2015. Originally posted Jun. 3rd, 2015).
  3. Oprah:Life Isn’t A Beauty Contest: How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Women” by Val Moore. Because we all need a reminder to support one another and recognize that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. (Posted Aug. 16th, 2015. Originally posted Aug. 2002).
  4. Mic:Real Women Want You to Know How to Give Them An Orgasm” by EJ Dickson. Coming back to a lack of real sex education, it turns out the a ton of guys actually have no idea how to make a woman come or even what a vagina looks like! But now, the How to Make Me Come project brings you tips and tricks straight from women’s mouths! (Posted: Aug. 18th, 2015).
  5. Time:“‘Female Viagra’ Drug Approved By FDA” by Alexandra Sifferlin. The FDA approves flibanseran, the first ever “arousal drug” for women. Debates ensue throughout the week about whether or not it actually works the way it says it does. (Posted: Aug. 19th, 2015. Originally posted Aug. 18th, 2015).
  6. Wired:Hackers Finally Post Stolen Ashley Madison Data” by Kim Zetter. Well, they were serious. The hackers responsible for the Ashley Madison hack a month ago actually released the data. The results of the release are still coming out. (Posted: Aug. 19th, 2015. Originally posted Aug. 18th, 2015).
  7. Women’s Health:Saying This Simple Phrase To Your Partner Works Relationship Magic” by Korin Miller. We really make relationships more complicated than they need to be. Miller reveals her magic phrase that makes every situation better and surprisingly, it works. (Posted Aug. 20th, 2015. Originally posted Mar. 20th, 2015).
  8. Go Local PDX:The Scarlet Letters: Lube 101” by The Scarlets. Not sure what to look for in a lube? Check this guide out and you’ll be on your way to a Frisky Friday! (Posted Aug. 21st, 2015. Originally Aug. 18th, 2015).

On the Blog:

August continues the theme about belonging and Wendy doesn’t disappoint in this week’s piece.

  1. Belonging to Joy” by Wendy Strgar. Applying joy to your life can help in all kinds of ways. This week, Wendy teaches us how three principles can change your life.
  2. 5 Ways to Workout With Your Partner” by Anastasia Strgar. Working out can be hard to do. Working out with a partner can be super fun. Anastasia suggests how to start.

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