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We Celebrate Women

Necessity was the mother of invention when I began Good Clean Love. I reacted very badly to the petrochemical ingredients that make up the majority of intimacy products and, after nursing through four children, I had vaginal dryness all the time. The products that my doctor recommended only made a bad situation worse.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve helped turn Good Clean Love into the fastest growing organic, healthy intimacy product brand. And I’ve learned so much about the importance of maintaining the health of our naturally balanced vaginal ecosystem.

So many products that are supposedly made for women only serve to disrupt that balance, making so many women vulnerable to all kinds of sexual health risks. I am really dedicated to not only making products that I know bring women back to optimal health conditions, but even more importantly to lifting the stigma of talking about vaginal and sexual health.

We Celebrate Women… Feeling Empowered by Their Health

People often ask me why I believe that offering ‘good, clean’ personal lubricant is so important. Personal lubrication is one of those conditions that we never consider until it isn’t working – and when it stops working – which happens for so many reasons. Everything from daily stress or nursing a baby to taking antihistamines or antidepressants and experiencing menopause will inhibit our natural lubricating response.

Vaginal dryness is frequently the symptom that initiates sexual dysfunction for many women because when it goes untreated it turns into painful sex and then a loss of libido. Before long, it is hard to tell which one is the root cause because they all run together. It only takes a few painful sexual experiences to turn off our interest in sexual intimacy.

Using a product that mimics your own natural lubrication and that helps to re-balance your vaginal ecosystem is healing on so many levels. We know that our physical health issues impact our sexual health, but we rarely consider how our problems with our sexual health also prevents us from being fully physically and emotionally well. A good, healthy lubricant is an important tool for most women to find that balance. I love inventing and creating and making things better. I think that is what we are here for.

We Celebrate Women… Speaking Their Minds

What most inspires me about my job is that I get to spend time not only learning about and actively working to create healthy solutions for sexual health, but that I also get to follow my mission which is to increase the awareness and experience of love on this planet. I have always said that love is really the only thing that can save us. It is through our innate capacity for love that we become our best self and we need that part of our humanity to rise right now.

The part of my work that I have always been most devoted to is my writing work. Early on when we had no marketing budget, a consultant friend urged me to write what I knew about love and sex. I now have two books published and my most recent one, Sex That Works: An Intimate Guide to Awakening Your Erotic Life, got a great write up in the New York Times Book Review!

What I most love to do is to teach, and writing helps me do that. Not only does writing help me to clarify what I know, but as an active blogger for years, I have had the chance to offer some meaningful insights to thousands of people just when they needed it most.

We Celebrate Women… Challenging Oppression Around the Globe

I am excited to see how the conversation about sexual health has broadened recently and I’m hopeful that my vulnerability and willingness to share my own story more deeply than ever before will free up the sexual conversations that so desperately need to happen not only on a national level, but in the private lives of so many couples.

I always say that if we could heal only one problem in the world and it was sexual, we would solve all the other problems by consequence. Coming to terms with our erotic soul and living authentically in our body is one of the most healing acts we can pursue. So, I feel really lucky to have the chance to promote that work every day.

Many women on this planet continue to suffer sexually because of the life they were born into. Sexual slavery, genital mutilation, and sexual assault impact millions of women’s lives every day. We are proud to donate 10% of our online profits to organizations that support women’s reproductive health worldwide.

There is so much work to do to raise up women in the world. I look forward to spending more focused energy on this in the coming years. If as the saying goes “We live on Mother Earth,” then we need to learn reverence for women again everywhere. Little girls must be protected. Education is the only way through, and it takes a lot of time and resources for people to change their thinking – to see things in a new way. I hope before I leave the planet I can help in some meaningful ways to lift up and bring hope and new opportunities for health and pleasure to more women.

We Celebrate Women… Finding Their Calling

I am often asked what would help someone to find their own calling. As a meditator, I know that my best and truest ideas are never really my own. They all come from listening deeply to the quiet spaces inside of me, the space in which I am connected to the universe. We all have this capacity to hear what our soul is calling us to do but we often don’t have the skills or attention to cultivate it in the crazy digital world that drives our attention away from ourselves.

It takes time to learn – and some people never believe it, but I know that the world never changes outside of us until something deep changes inside.

When things are not working in my life, I have given up the idea that I can fix anything out there. It is always an internal reckoning that needs to happen and most always has to do with our ability to love and accept ourselves. So that would be my advice: spend more of your own attention on your inner world; turn off the distractions; and feel what is really happening and listen.