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Welcome to the New Making Love Sustainable!

You’ve probably noticed that Making Love Sustainable has been going through some new and exciting changes. We’re so thrilled to re-launch this site with new features that we know you will love. As the renovations progress, look forward to seeing:

  • New blog features and a modern new layout
  • A new theme each month: This May we’re talking all about… Masturbation!
  • Increased searchability and interactivity
  • A variety of new content featuring fresh points of view and new voices
  • More content on the topics you’ve always loved: Love, Marriage, and Fostering Positivity
  • Brand new columns on groundbreaking topics we’ve always wanted to discuss, such as: What’s Trending, Sexual Health, Expert Love Advice to Your Questions, and The Man’s Perspective
  • Webinars from prominent thought leaders in the health and wellness space

This month, to celebrate Masturbation Month, which will reach its climax on National Masturbation Day, May 28th, we’re talking all about the beauty of loving oneself, both mentally AND physically. We’ll be rolling out our new columns this month, so watch out for some exciting new articles that will encourage you to live your healthiest, sexiest, most loving life possible.