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Introducing Our Advice Columns!

As part of Making Love Sustainable’s relaunch, we’re launching three new columns: two advice columns, ‘Ask Her Anything’ and ‘Ask Him Anything’, and a new health focused column, ‘Naked Health

Got a love, sex, relationships or marriage question that you need answered? The traditional channels just not cutting it for you? That’s where our newest advice columns come in!

Entitled Ask Her Anything and Ask Him Anything, the Good Clean Love team on Making Love Sustainable want you to feel comfortable and welcome in our new space. That means that if there’s something you want to know, we’re here to answer.

We’ll be featuring two questions a week (one in each column), particularly focusing on the themes of the month. If yours doesn’t appear on the site, don’t worry, we’ll still be answering you privately! Since we’re focusing on masturbation this month (Happy Masturbation Month to you!) we’ll be answering all your most pressing questions in these forums.

Who are our experts? While we will be bringing occasional guest writers on the forums, we’ll be featuring Anastasia, Wendy Strgar’s daughter to answer any questions you might have about love, sex, and relationships to the under 35 crowd.

Our growing male team of loveologists-in-training will be taking spins with your questions over on Ask Him Anything. Get ready for some great advice geared toward the Next Generation!

Have a question you want answered? Email to submit your questions with the name of the column in the subject line. This includes any questions directed to  our resident Loveologist, founder Wendy Strgar and her advice column, Ask the Loveologist!