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What Love is For

woman in bed relaxing

Life has been smacking me in the face lately- this description borrowed from my fifteen year old son couldn’t be more accurate. The love business has been feeling like slogging through three feet of mud, and most often when asked a question the only response that feels true is “I don’t know.” Sleep is hard to find and harder still to stay in. Hungry for chocolate and peace…. Sometimes the day to day of life is bigger than you.

The commitments overflow the time, the problems stack too high, the resources and help is just not enough. This is what love is for. This is why on the good days, it is worth all the work and attention and devotion you can give it. Because a loving relationship will hold you to the earth and bring balance to your life when everything else is not working.

We celebrated our 24th anniversary with me lying face down on the couch- sharing the stomach flu wasn’t on my list for the day, but there it was. So although the date might not be remembered with glittering romance, it will be another place in my heart that I turn to which anchors me down to the earth and floods me with gratitude. If you are in a relationship in which someone loves you, you are living a blessed life. Don’t sell short the power of staying – it counts for more than roses when you are down and out.