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Writing the Positivity Book

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.” -William James

I am finally ready to take the five hundred pages of this positivity quest and turn it into a book. The weight of all this thinking is impressive in my hands and I know that my life is on an entirely new trajectory for having done it. I am coming to the close of my second year in daily positivity training and it is the single best change I have ever made for my life. I have become my own best friend and I know the skills and habits I need to practice to encourage my best self to be present almost all the time. I believe in the why of my dreams and can let go of worrying about the how most days.

I trust my good ideas now and I don’t have too many more fears about pursuing them. Especially the fear of  failure is not dogging my heals anymore because I have come to see how what we work towards always pays off, even if not in the way we first anticipated. Even on a Monday morning I can usually get myself to see life as workable,  and sometimes even can be joyful in the problem-solving adventure that most days present. I never hesitate anymore to take time to walk in falling leaves or early blooming flowers because it helps me remember what it means to be fully present.

I have launched a few projects that I feel convinced will make the world a little bit better.I think of it as the next wave of positivity where I am full enough of myself and clear enough about how happiness works to share it. The Positivity Quest phase three looks like how to share it in the world and I am working  both with high school kids in a new Positive Charge renovation project and putting together a happiness initiative for our city. I will share this process – both the ups and downs of extending positivity as I have with my own process.

I know for a fact that we have all the tools inside of us to thrive in life and actually very little else matters if we don’t awaken that seed. Being true to my positivity quest is the inspiration for all my other work. It is the source of all the good I have experienced and the faith I have for all the good to come.

Now I am ready to go back to all the hundreds of pages I have written while I learned the work and meaning of a positive life. I have long struggled with the creative process of re-doing, but in this case,  the editing and re-framing of my experience is the second take that will prepare me to get on the road and teach this essential curriculum of finding a positive relationship to life.

Watch out, I might be coming to a neighborhood near you soon, standing on a positivity podium and throwing out bracelets to the audience, teaching them how to eradicate the negative thinking long enough to see who they actually are.