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Myths Perfume

Size: 10mL

Works The Way You Do®

Myths™ aphrodisiac perfume is rooted in passionate desire, reflecting the mystery and power of the divine feminine.  Alluring, intuitive and intoxicatingly sensual. Balanced and evocative.

Inspired by the world’s most renowned lovers, Good Clean Love’s aphrodisiac perfume scents are designed to awaken the passionate lover in each of us. This sexual perfume contains no fixatives, so they respond to the unique body chemistry of the wearer.  They are a sensual, healthy alternative to synthetic fragrances, which are largely produced with 95% petrochemicals including acetone, phthalates, and many endocrine disrupters. Discover the enduring power of rare, ancient aphrodisiac essential oils including East Indian Sandalwood, Omani Frankincense, and Bulgarian Rose.


Organic cane alcohol, proprietary essential oil blend.