Necessity was the mother of invention when it came to Good Clean Love. After 16 years of marriage and the birth of her fourth child, Wendy was desperate for a product that would help her to enjoy her sex life again. Painful sex and side effects from traditional OTC lubricants made her determined to find a better solution -- literally and figuratively!

Wendy launched Good Clean Love with her own, unique Love Oil blend. The aromatic essential oils and added lubrication ignited a libido she hadn't experienced in years. Now she was on a mission! After months of research and study, Wendy began making and testing formulas, and Good Clean Love had its first line of products. As the demand for Love Oil grew, Wendy realized that many women also suffer from the negative side effects caused by traditional, OTC intimacy products. And, like many great entrepreneurial ideas, her passion (quite literally in this case) for a healthy solution kept her vision alive.


As Love Oil sales increased, customers voiced their need for a healthy, water-based lubricant that could be used with condoms. After over a year of scientific research and several rounds of product formulations, Good Clean Love produced its first organic water-based lubricant, Almost Naked Personal Lubricant.

This was the beginning of their creating the healthiest personal lubricant formulations that provide a better glide without the sticky cleanups and adverse side effects of petrochemical and paraben ingredients associated with conventional lubricants.


Sales of our lubricants grew exponentially as we expanded to hundreds of Kroger stores nationwide. At the same time, our ongoing donation to non-profits yielded a great victory. HIV Alliance tested our formula and found that it was iso-osmolar, which landed us participation in a $50 million dollar NIH study. We provided tens of thousands of samples for scientific research throughout the years of the study.


Early on, Wendy thought that many women were allergic to the petrochemical ingredients found in most OTC lubricants. However, the results from the NIH study revealed that the body's negative reaction to these lubricants wasn't caused by an allergy, but it was from the molecular weight of these lubricants. Even women who weren't experiencing painful side effects from their OTC products, were actually suffering from unseen toxic vaginal reactions. Scientists in the NIH study yielded scientific research on many personal lubricants on the market, and found that Good Clean Love personal lubricant had the closest molecular weight to the body’s natural secretions, and was deemed one of the safest lubricant in its class.

We also learned about the significant connection between the use of heavily concentrated petrochemical lubricants and the heightened risk of Bacterial Vaginosis, which in turn creates a much higher risk of susceptibility of contracting more serious STDs and HIV.

One of the leading researchers on the study, Biophysicist, Dr. Richard Cone of Johns Hopkins University, became our scientific advisor.


Good Clean Love launched the BioMatched™ Restore and Balance products. These feminine care products are scientifically formulated to work with your body, matching the pH balance, salt balance, and beneficial lactic acid levels of healthy genital conditions.


Good Clean Love was awarded a patent for the BioMatch™ formulation for Restore. Expanded product distribution to 20,000 stores.


Awarded PETA Compassionate Business Award and Oregon Entrepreneurs Network Game Changer award for our innovative, scientifically-advanced formulations and promoting non-animal testing models with the FDA.


Our journey continues as we look forward to launching our new ultra-sensitive BioNude personal lubricant and branded extra sensitive condoms.