"We have only this one very brief life – & the one thing that everyone wants & needs most is to be loved; let's do it well. Thanks for joining me on this journey to love."

My journey with Good Clean Love began when I was trying to save my own sex life & marriage.

Message From Wendy

At one time, I had severe reactions to the heavily concentrated petrochemical products available on the market, but I knew that giving up on our sex life would be a dead end for my marriage. Beginning in my kitchen, the dream of changing the intimacy product shelf to healthy, organic products took root. There is nothing quite as satisfying for me as developing formulations for products that support the well-being of loving, intimate relations.

Over the years, I began studying and writing about love, and sharing my own challenges of keeping my intimate relationships strong. My blog, still called Making Love Sustainable, remains one of my most treasured commitments to Good Clean Love. There is nothing more moving than when readers come up to me with grateful tears in their eyes over how they've rediscovered the love in their own relationships.

Healing Sexuality

If we could only fix one big problem in our lives and it were sex, we would by default, fix all of the others. What most people don't realize is that the shame and pain that inhibit their sexual freedom and capacity for intimate pleasure also block their ability to feel a wide range of other emotions. As we move closer to living in our own erotic truth, our relationship to the rest of our life opens up as well.

For me, learning and re-learning these lessons has been at the heart of Good Clean Love, through developing our amazing product lines, and in writing thousands of pages on love and sex over the last 14 years.

We have only this one very brief life – and the one thing that everyone wants and needs most is to be loved; let's do it well. Thanks for joining me on this journey to love.

Only Love Matters

In the last moments of our lives, the only thoughts that remain to us are those of the people we have loved, and those who have loved us. All that we've acquired and achieved pales in comparison to the legacy of love we leave behind.

Strangely, and sometimes tragically, it takes a lifetime to realize this; how brief our lives really are. Think about all the things we give our time and resources to that merely distract us from our capacity for love.

Love may be the most challenging work we do, but it's the only meaningful reason for all the rest.

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