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4 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Green

Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and there are many different ways you can celebrate. You can plant a tree, start your own garden, switch to e-bills, volunteer at a local Earth Day event, or start with something as simple as greening your bedroom.

Here are four ways you can celebrate Earth Day by making your bedroom green:


#1: Let in Natural Light

Most of us have windows in our room and yet we still choose to turn on every light in the house. Letting natural light flood into your bedroom can be beneficial in many ways. Let’s talk about the health benefits for a second; natural light reduces tiredness, increases productivity, andhelps your body develop a circadian rhythm.

Not only does natural light have a positive effect on our body, but it also impacts our power bill. We cansave up to 75% of energy consumed in lighting buildings, as well as reducing cooling costs, by allowing in natural light. Next time you find yourself reaching for that light switch, try to reach for the window blinds instead. 


#2: Invest in an Eco-Friendly Mattress

Most people don't think about their mattresses in regards to their health. We are all guilty of only looking for the most comfortable and supportive mattress. Although those aspects are important for your quality of sleep, your health may be at risk.

Stay away from mattresses thatcontain polyurethane foam and fire-retardants such as PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers). Not only are those chemicals bad for your body, but they are bad for the planet too! Instead, try switching to wool (a natural fire retardant) and cotton filled mattresses. And if youreallywant to go green, a latex mattress is the way to go!


#3: Look for Organic Bedding

Do you check the ingredient label on the back of your sheets before you buy them? Studies are showing you should! Much like certain foods we look out for, bedding can also be made with chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. 

Those wrinkle-resistant sheets that look nice and are low-maintenance are often treated with formaldehyde to keep them that way! And fancy colored sheets are dyed with inks that are made of heavy metals that can irritate your skin. Like they say, “even salt looks like sugar.”

Organic cotton sheets are a good option if you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative as they takeless water to produce and are not treated with toxic pesticides or cleaners. Just remember to read the label next time you are shopping for bedding!


#4: Declutter Sensibly

While greening your bedroom you might also decide to let go of some old things that were creating clutter around your room. Maybe an old hat is sitting on your dresser collecting dust, or old papers are scattered on your desk.

Start by recycling any unwanted papers.Paper recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the recycled fiber is a sustainable, cost-saving resource for making new paper products. Don’t just throw your papers away to get them out of your room, be wise about it.

Donate your old clothing and bedding. Most of us know about Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, and Salvation Army; but there are so many more organizations in our communities.  Local shelters, group homes, and senior centers are always looking for donations. You can also find places that recycle clothes!Animal sheltersare another great option for donating textiles that aren't fit for humans. Next time you decide to go through your clothing or bedding, consider donating!

As you can see there are a lot of benefits to making our bedrooms green. Not only are we becoming more kind to the earth, but to ourselves as well.