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5 Date Night Ideas for the Summer of COVID

The novel coronavirus, aka COVID-19, has been going strong since the beginning of 2020. It’s required a lot of people to sacrifice going out and about, particularly if they are immuno-compromised or are otherwise sensitive to getting the virus. In some parts of the United States, restrictions have been lifted in regards to resuming normal life, but many states are seeing a rise in cases. This means your traditional date night options may be limited.

For couples who want to stay safe and distanced from others, we're sharing some fun activities you can engage in that will keep your risk low. We’ve especially chosen some dates you can try outdoors, since we’re all about getting that sunshine in! According to the CDC, activities in wide open spaces are generally safer than indoor activities since the virus can’t spread as easily, so bring on the summer. Plus, we’re sharing some of our team’s favorite tips for a successful date night at home or socially-distanced plans with loved ones.

1. Play a Lawn Game

If you have a yard or access to an open space like a park that doesn’t have too many people in it, head outside to play your favorite lawn game. Popular favorites include badminton, table tennis, boules, hacky sack or ping pong.

Are you avoiding trips to the store? Shop for a new lawn game online!

2. Go on a Hike or Bike Ride

Make sure you pick outdoor areas that are not going to surround you with too many others, and bring along your mask for safety’s sake.

Getting outside on your favorite walking and biking trails can help keep you from going too stir crazy, plus you get some exercise in!

“My favorite part about quarantine has been finding new ways of connecting with loved ones. My partner and I have created a new ritual of going on walks or bike rides together every evening. It's been a fun, low-key way to unplug + connect with each other, and keep our relationship grounded with all the chaos happening in the world.” 

–Mackie Swan, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at GCL

“We’ve been working on unfinished house projects, painting our bathrooms, refinishing furniture, etc. We try and do an evening walk.”

–Mek Walker, Photographer at GCL

3. Take a Drive

If you’re not feeling up for anything too intense, but still want to get safely out of your house, look up some day drives close to your city. Anything within an hour or two is totally doable and will help stave off any cabin fever you might be feeling. Bring your camera and don’t forget to make the drive even more interesting by bringing along a playlist or a new podcast to listen to. Our new favorite? The “Dear Sex,” podcast from Good Clean Love CEO Wendy Strgar.

4. Go Camping 

Do you have a favorite camping spot? You might have to do a bit more research so as to avoid any hot spots, but going for a weekend camping trip can be a fun way to feel a little more normal amidst a global pandemic.

“This summer, my boyfriend and I have been packing picnics to our secret local river spot to eat, read, swim, and enjoy beautiful Oregon outdoors together. Getting out of town reminds us of how intrinsically connected our lives are to nature's changing cycles.”

–Brooke Harman, Design and Social Manager at GCL

 If actually going camping feels a little too risky, there’s no reason you can’t just pitch your tent in your backyard!

5. Binge-Watch Your Favorite TV Show or Movies

Okay, so what if it's just too hot to go outdoors or if the outdoors isn't really your thing? Now is the perfect time to take advantage of blasting the fan or the AC, and hitting play on that TV series you’ve been meaning to see.

Also, why not have a movie marathon? Have you ever seen all the Avengers movies? Or have you ever wanted to watch Star Wars from start to finish? Now is the perfect time.

“One of my favorite ways to connect with loved ones these days is to watch a movie together (apart). With so many streaming options, you're bound to find something everyone wants to watch. Pro tip: try the Netflix Party extension in Chrome to watch and chat in real-time.”

–Meghan Morgavan, Marketing Manager at GCL

Bonus: What About Long-Distance Couples?

Are you living apart from your significant other? In spite of all the ways this pandemic is bringing life to a grinding halt, the technology at our fingertips today can help make the distance seem a little more tolerable. Most long-distance couples know that planning a nightly or weekly video date with your partner can keep you connected. 

Here are a few ideas to keep those long-distance date nights fresh. Our favorites? Read the same book, take a virtual museum tour together, and watch the sunset.  

“Following the untimely passing of my mother-in-law in March, my wife and I found ourselves separated by the Pacific Ocean, for nearly four months now. It's been rough but phone calls and evening Facetime sessions are keeping us connected. The adversity merely affirms the strength of our relationship! We celebrate that daily, talk about what's next, and look forward to being back together very soon.”

- Jeremy Conant, eCommerce Director at GCL


Having a global pandemic going on can make all of us feel a little more tense and on edge, especially with all the uncertainty it brings. This is totally normal. That said, you can still adhere to CDC guidelines and recommendations around COVID-19 and also enjoy your summer.

  • What kinds of things are you and your significant other (or loved ones) doing this summer?DM or mention us @goodcleanlove to have your idea shared on social media!