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6 Ways Fall Romance Beats Summer Love

While every season brings a certain loveliness for the home, gatherings, and the birds and bees, we’d like to give a pleasant welcome to the Fall romance that comes with the Autumn season and that extra something it adds to love in the air.

As Fall, a proclaimed favorite season, starts appearing on social media timelines, or makes its way to the center of small talk conversations about brisker mornings, pumpkin-apple everything, Netflix’s newest, and the nostalgic annual purge of witch themed Disney Channel Originals and familiar classic movies, we can’t help but feel that warm, special feeling.

Through our now shorter, but longer feeling days, the thought of home glows warm with comforting appeal. Outdoor adventures get planned for next year, and date nights grow jeans, if not leggings accompanied with slipper-socks. But with love and fuzzy feelings here to stay.

Here’s what makes a good Fall romance feel so new and good, we think.


1. Warm and Familiar Things


The colder months are all about retreat- to longer days in the office, a favorite throw blanket, and certain spiced lattes you can’t go a morning without. A good partner, whether it be a long term relationship or an exciting new love carried cross-season from more whimsical Summer days, can feel like a warm, cozy totem you can’t wait to cuddle in with at the end of an (already dark!) day.

2. Body Heat

Gone are the days of slight arm touches and never body cuddles through hot Summer nights in bed. For Fall romance relationships, crack a window together, another resting body temperature beats another blanket addition guaranteed.

3. How Kisses Outside Feel Warm When Nothing Else Does

Dog walks suddenly a chore? Not with a warm partner to sway in and out of the arms of. And when you kiss, it’s almost weird how literally hot the mouth can feel.

Your next pumpkin patch visit just got cuter.

4. The Way That Everything Looks Straight Out Of a Nicholas Sparks Film, Setting The Sweetest Tone Ever



At least we hope it stays sweet. We’re all familiar with how those flicks tend to open with crisp leaves and warm sunsets, then end in a tearjerker. But the New England neighborhood feel and steamy breath scenes we’ll cling to.

5. Heavy Clothing

Hear us out on this one- the heavier, more layered the clothing, the sexier and more revealing it is to take it off! And anyway, who doesn’t look good in earth tones? Heeled boots? Jackets on men? Your significant other was definitely looking fine this past week.

6. (The Worst But Best Part) How Getting Up In The Morning Suddenly Becomes The Hardest, Most Killer, But Adorable Thing Ever


We all know that bitter sweet pain as you try and detach from your favorite heat source.

Stay tuned for more seasonal dating tips, here at Good Clean Love.