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A Great Sex Education Read

One of my new favorite books on my nightstand is “Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction” by Debby Herbenick, As one of the most well respected sex educators in the country, Debby has answered thousands of questions about everything sexual from people across the country as the primary responder to literally thousands of questions at the Kinsey Institute. Because it Feels Good is smart sexy, starting with Debby, herself, on the cover in a fabulous pink dress. Her years of practice answering questions and writing columns for national magazines makes her down to earth explanations about some of the “most blush worthy aspects of sexuality” both approachable and authoritative. Although it is subtitled as a woman’s guide to sexual pleasure and satisfaction, the books wide range of topics would be interesting and of benefit to anyone who loves a woman as well as the woman herself.

The book is a worthy handbook for anyone’s sexual education library because the basic premise is that sex can and should be feel good. Her focus on healthy pleasure and her enlightening discussion of libido and anatomy provides the knowledge that most of us are missing to create more satisfying intimacy. It has gotten rave reviews from everyone who is anyone in the world of sex education and therapy.