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Positivity Quest-A Yearlong Experiment in Changing My Mind

Mastering the Art, Studying the Science and Discovering the Practice of Positivity, One day at a time…

This is probably the biggest new years resolution that I have ever undertaken but may also be the single most important commitment I have ever made in my life. I have been studying, reading and occasionally writing about the science of positive psychology for some time now. The data is pretty clear: the ratio of positive to negative events in any persons life is 3 to 1 if you have any hopes at all of thriving in life and love.

 I have done enough practice to know that the data is true. That if you can remain open, curious and lean towards wonder, surprise, gratitude and occasional moments of awe, the way you see your life changes the life itself. My problem is that my neuro-circuitry has built in wiring of its own which tends to highlight what is wrong in any given situation and actually causes me to forget how grateful I might be at any given moment.

It was actually the new movie, Julie and Julia that inspired me on this positivity quest. If you haven’t seen it, a young woman follows in the footsteps of Julia Child, preparing every one of her recipes and blogging about the experience- both good and bad during the course of a year. Although I don’t share her devotion to the wonders of French cuisine, I believe her method of keeping a daily log about my pursuit of a positive mind might just be the vehicle to truly changing it and learning to live happily.

The daily PQ will be a window in to the successes and failures of the process and I dare say will show more of my strengths and frailties than I generally feel free to share.. Where the quotes and perspective of those who have gone before are helpful, we will celebrate them. Where they are Pollyanna and push me into the depths of despair, you will hear about it. Hopefully the journey will inspire you on a parallel hike and that the interactive power of our community will build into such a crescendo that we will all be reaping the benefits of living and loving well.

So here is the invitation you have been waiting for- to decide to make life a positive and happy adventure. Stay in touch.