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Mike was one of my first friends when I started selling Good Clean Love products close to a decade ago at the Natural Products show.  It was one of his sales managers who introduced us because she was so excited about the powerful impact our products had on her intimate life.  Mike was skeptical at first, like most of my friends in the serious business of supplements, but a true learner in life, he was always open minded and came to appreciate my unique brand of love education and product support.  In fact, his was the first serious business deal I ever made. His company bought 5000 bottles of our product to package with their Hot Plants brand as a holiday gift with purchase. One of my first business trips was this visit to Wisconsin. I still remember the tour he escorted me on. As I walked around with my gown, mask and hair net, he explained the complexity, detail and remarkably high standards that went into making every single pill.

As the years went by, he was always one of my go-to guys who would share his real experience in working with the beast of distribution that any product must tame to succeed. I have long been a consumer and fan of his whole food nutritional supplements, not only because I love to buy products that have a friendly face behind the brand, but because when you know the people in charge are as serious as you are about only making things that they themselves would take, you know you are buying the best. So it was easy for me to switch my multivitamin to Alive when Mike told me about how they made it.

Always at the top of the science game, it isn’t surprising that Mike’s company is one of the first focused on whole foods nutritional supplements, because they are easier to digest and assimilate. Alive is concentrated food. All the best and most nutritious parts of 26 fruits and vegetables, which is better than I can do in my new juicer. Alive multivitamins actually make you feel more alive in places like your eyes, heart and immune system, but most especially for me as am now riding my 50s wave with my energy.

And I am not the only one. Another way to know if people love what you do is easy these days, just read reviews on amazon where you will see hundreds of stories from people who don’t even know Mike, but who report over and over how they can really feel the difference when they are taking vitamins that are Alive or just more processed chemicals. So, if you are feeling low, or just want to protect your health or the health of your family, don’t hesitate, take Alive whole food nutritional supplements and see how quickly and deeply you will really feel it.