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Becoming a Curator: Good Clean Love and Blissmo

by Wendy Strgar

“I think art’s biggest potential is in its ability to produce ideas beyond the ideas contained within it, or the intended ideas, etc. A good curator can harness and direct those types of discursive potentials.”   -Matt Sheridan Smith

I have never been asked to be a curator before, but I like the idea that one who curates actually does the work of making a greater meaning out of unique items or experiences.  The Night Loving box that I helped Blissmo put together is a great deal on some beautiful products to enhance your love life, but it is more than that, too.  It is an opportunity to sanctify and honor what should be the best moments of your life with someone you love.

There is no more powerful place to green your lifestyle than your bedroom.  All the habits that you develop about sustaining your environment and home should be amplified in your most important relationships. Imagine taking the same care and attention that you bring to the selection and preparation of your food shopping and cooking habits to nourish your relationship.  Recognize that giving your time to composting and recycling is no different than finding the space to air out your feelings. Making  the daily commitments to simplify your life and reduce impact on the environment requires the same amount of mental energy as constructing the space and time for deep and meaningful touch in your days.

All Blissmo boxes pay attention to the ingredients, offering green and healthy alternatives for their members.  Love and intimacy products are the final frontier for the green consumer.  After all, our most sensitive tissue in the body is no place for the petrochemical and paraben-laden products that dominate the market. Check the ingredients on the lubricant on your nightstand or start fresh with the beautiful array of products in the Good Clean Love curated box. You will find a special edition massage oil candle to literally light the fire,  some sweet mints to freshen the kisses,  our own organic cinnamon vanilla lubricant and a range of condoms to keep the love safe.

Don’t miss this limited edition box that is a statement of sustainable loving because we all know that the best part of the day may well be the night, especially a night graced with intimate loving touch.  Physical passionate love is the most healing force on the planet. There is no more important place in our lives to apply the wisdom of sustainability than to our loving relationships. They are at the heart of what makes life worth living.  So turn your phone off and shut the door.  Take a deep breath and relax into the love in your life.