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The Grateful Seeds of Change

“Things do not change; we change.” ~Henry David Thoreau

It is a powerful new moon I am told by my astrologer- psychic friend Isha Lerner.  Apparently tonight is ideal for planting the seeds of change in your life and as that is my new chosen trajectory,  nothing like adding the power of the moon and stars to my own aspiration.  As we edge near the close of the summer,  I see and feel gratitude everywhere now.  It has taken the positivity quest to a whole new level and there is clearly no turning back.

Clarity is everything now, when desire and intention are sowed together in a grateful soil,  you have to know what you are asking for and even more so be willing to look at the thoughts that are keeping you from seeing what you want in front of you. I spent the weekend doing just this and am finally seeing the decisions that are mine to make.

It begins by being willing to look at the foundational thoughts we hold.  I should maybe stop being surprised that I still have dysfunctional and useless thinking patterns that are invisible to me and yet so powerful that they create my reality. Byron Katie’s “The Work”  is a series of what seems like totally simple questioning to get at the root of our thinking issues. Each time I engage in this, I am amazed at the power and vision it creates.

In addition, all it takes is active engagement in the process to change the thought patterns forever. Throughout life we have the ability to dispense with deep-rooted fears and faulty beliefs about our capacity and dreams. Gone is the idea that my successes are not worth anything.  Gone are my insecurities about not being able to succeed financially. Gone is the fear that has driven my heart work.

New moon hear me: What I do is immensely valuable and I can earn and share its value freely and abundantly. I trust myself to success and abundance, knowing that I can be generous and inspire others to the best in themselves. I can motivate myself to the heart work I love to do and not be driven by fear and lack. I can choose the work I do responsibly and let go of what is not mine to do. I have the time and resources to learn how to succeed.

What is your new moon promise of gratitude to yourself? What promises can you plant as seeds to grow and flourish in the person you long to become? Telling our true stories and having the courage to let go of old thought patterns that no longer serve anyone is doable. No better time to start than right now.