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Beyond Infidelity with Sex Therapist & Author Dr. Tammy Nelson S1:E4

S1:E4 | June 25, 2020 | 42 min.


Wendy discusses infidelity and what happens when you are the one who cheats, with author and relationship expert Dr. Tammy Nelson. Listen as they discuss how infidelity is only one symptom of a relationship falling apart, not the reason for it. Hear how many couples have discovered ways to move forward from it. Plus, Dr. Tammy gives effective tips to get more of the intimacy and sex you want in your relationship today.


Connect with Dr. Tammy Nelson

Tammy Nelson PhD, is a sex and relationship expert, an international speaker, an author and a licensed psychotherapist with almost thirty years of experience working with individuals and couples. In private practice she focuses on helping people of all ages, orientations and genders find love, healing and passion. Dr. Nelson is the Director of the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute and has been a licensed sex and relationship therapist in practice for over thirty years. She teaches at several Universities, is a TEDx speaker and is the host of the podcast The Trouble with Sex.

She is the author of When You’re The One Who Cheats: Ten Things You Need to Know, The New Monogamy: Redefining Your Relationship After Infidelity.

Twitter: @drtammynelson
Facebook: @DrTammyNelson
LinkedIn: in/drtammynelson

About Host Wendy Strgar

Wendy is an award-winning entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Good Clean Love, a pioneer in the organic personal care product industry. An active sex educator, Wendy is a popular blogger and author of two books. Sex That Works: An Intimate Guide To Awakening Your Erotic Life was published in June 2017 and is the companion to her first book, Love that Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy. Dear Sex is Wendy's new podcast adventure.

Instagram: @wendy.strgar
Twitter: @wendystrgar
LinkedIn: /wendystrgar