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Building Focus and Clarity with Thomas Sterner

Learning the art of practicing is all about embracing the process of becoming fully present in life. By combining a commitment to disciplined repetition and an unquenchable curiosity we not only come to master the skills we desire, we develop a mind-set that brings more joy and contentment to even the most challenging obstacles. Don’t miss Thomas Sterner, author of The Practicing Mind inspire and enlighten you about the essential skills to build focus, clarity and gain joy from the effort itself.

Thomas M. Sterner has studied Eastern and Western philosophy and modern sports psychology and trained as a jazz pianist. For more than twenty-five years, he served as the chief concert piano technician for a major performing arts center. He prepared and maintained the concert grand piano for hundreds of world-renowned (and demanding) musicians and symphony conductors, and his typical workday required constant interaction with highly disciplined and focused artists. At the same time, he operated a piano re-manufacturing facility, rebuilding vintage pianos to factory-new condition.

Sterner has parlayed what he learned from his profession into a love of practice. He is an accomplished musician, private pilot, student of archery, and avid golfer, and practicing these activities fills his spare time. He has also worked in the sound and video arts fields as a recording engineer, audio and video editor and processor, and composer.

He has produced a radio show about The Practicing Mind and continues to teach his techniques to businesspeople and at sports clinics. He lives in Wilmington, Delaware