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Let Love Out

I was a guest on a really cool radio show in San Francisco called an Organic Conversation when I first learned of the Let Love Out campaign. The designer of this universal symbol of love was being interviewed, also. He explained how he combined an interlocking heart with an infinity sign to create a symbol for all that is good within us and for all the good that we can do when we let it out. Carl Priolo, shared how he had created this emblem in honor of his brother Chris who died from AIDS with the intention of spreading the message of love and tolerance.

I was so touched by the story that I wanted a bracelet myself. At the end of the show, both of the hosts took off their own bracelets and gave them to me in honor of all the love I generate in the world. I was transformed by the gift. These incredible guys, taking their love emblems that they had been wearing off of their own wrists was one of the most meaningful expressions of gratitude that I have ever received. Each time I looked down at my wrist, I felt the warmth of that love again.

A few weeks later, the Let Love Out emblem became even more important to me as I had the opportunity to gift it myself. My son was going through a painful break with his girlfriend of several years and was totally lost to himself. In his grief, he allowed me to lead him on a guided meditation. I was blessed in that moment to witness him discover the place in his heart that needed to let the love in.Tears rolled down his cheeks as he recognized his ability to let the love in, to not abandon himself.

At that moment, the bracelets also became the symbol for letting the love in. We started selling them on our website not long after and I still wear one everyday. But this is not one that was given to me at the radio show, those were gifted long ago.Who do you know that needs to let their love out?  Or more likely still to let it in? These aren’t just gifts; they are daily reminders of the love that buoys us and keeps us safe.

In addition, every bracelet purchase donates part of the purchase price to some great projects that make the world more loving every day. Now you know what to give to the person you love who has everything….