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Daily Loving

It is the small things in life that teach us the most. Often it is the moments that we least recognize as remarkable that have the power to change our lives. Lately I am making a point of looking at the eyes, the facial expression of the people I am talking to. It is amazing how that changes what I hear. Maybe it even changes what they can say.

I am trying to remember my friend telling me how she is trying to stay focused on one thing at a time. Giving up the drive to multi-task and just give full attention to the details of that moment. I think this kind of quiet focus even changes emails. This is old wisdom, teachings that are presented over and over again in the hope that for this moment or that, we will be with ourselves long enough to really connect to someone else.

It is the most daily of practices, one that you just keep picking up after you realize that you didn’t hear a word of your daughter’s voice over the phone, or your husband’s request for time with you. Feeling bad about it only makes it worse. S o don’t feel bad, just pick another moment to try again. This is really what it is to love someone.