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Day 124: Epic Disasters

“There’s no disaster that can’t become a blessing, and no blessing that can’t become a disaster” -Richard Bach

The tragedy unfolding in the middle of the ocean is epic and will be recalled for generations. It will separate time for the survivors the way death changes the fabric of everything in a family. You adjust, but even a distant normal is a completely distinct period, a different life. The magnitude of the loss cannot even be measured the way we have gotten a scale of destruction in recent earthquakes.

It is so hard to look at, so frightening to contemplate the consequences that I think of ridiculous things like freezing wild prawns. You think of this mind boggling enormity and taste the clean ocean that they came from just a week ago. How does one combat the powerlessness you feel when the world as you and millions of others know it is changing and you can’t stop it?

The newspaper did say that BP management is “desperate” to find a solution. It is easy to just be angry at them, and hate the company responsible for this mess. Some of it is a corporate favored leagal system, which allows money to buy anything, any natural resource that really belongs to no one but the future. The people involved probably are desperate, they understand more than anyone how terrible the situation is. Even beyond the

posturning and the legal wrangling to set liability limits, the people involved know the debt we have created with the earth will go on for decades now- again.

We have over spun our debt with the earth in the same way that whole countries are finding themselves bankrupt. The fix will become our lifestyle if we can survive our own mistakes. The time demands the fragile strength that only an open heart can afford. No more wasting time on self protection and self preservations- Survival of the fittest is being transformed in front of our very eyes into a bio-dynamic system of wholeness.

The personal boundaries that plague our relationship health, in both excess and absence, would be better spent in limiting our belief that the earth’s available resources are ours to consume, no questions asked. Creating stronger boundaries around the human impact on the earth is no longer a luxury or even a choice.

The only positive thing I can hope for is that the people responsible for repairing the leak and working to clean the unlivable expanse remain determined and steadfast in their work. Let them be using their most creative intelligence to solve the problems that human weaknesses allowed. Pay homage to the creatures that owned this space long before we thought it was all ours.